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In 2010 few pioneers began the journey of a software company- technokeens with a conviction to use technology to make the world a better place. The team in technokeens consists of expertise in software that will help you with everything from scratch to the last. Having partnered with some leading Mahindra, HDFC, Sardaa, and EETEE in India to build websites and apps, it was a natural headway to extend to creative, content, and video services for a software development company. We are living in exciting times where there is a revolutionary union of data science, marketing technology, and business. We see ourselves surfing the crest of this wave, to bring solutions to businesses, built on strategic leveraging and positioning of predictive customer analytics and cognitive marketing technology.

Software Company Technokeens
Over 11 years experience

We began with a will to accomplish results like no one, and today our committed team, collaborative leadership, and our pursuit of excellence are our greatest assets. We are dedicated to creating software solutions and telling compelling stories that shape the future of many companies. We have many young enthusiasts working and focusing on research-based results for better solutions for our clients. We maximize customer value through predictive insights and real-time decision making. Technokeens is a software development company that works on three actions sensing, acting, and then engaging.


The one thing to experience in technokeens is the sharp observability skills of our employees. We believe in observing and understanding the minute details related to your company for the best results. In an era of speed dating, we at technokeens believe in long-lasting relationships with our clients by giving them what they need.


The fact of the world is on our fingertips is undeniable, and every company struggling for its online presence is also apparent. Hence technokeens are a software development company that focuses on analytical based results. We have experts in software development, online marketing, and SEO, who first analyze the market for you. Your company runs in your DNA nevertheless you will always wish for the best and top results which can only be achieved after knowing what is running and what will suit you the best.


Change is inevitable; hence predicting the right growth at the right time has now become a necessity. At technokeens, we have a research team that entirely focuses on the prediction of every new technology for your company. We are powering businesses to sense and engage with customers in a way that was impossible earlier and to improve loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value.


In real-time, to make decisions to retain customers, provide offers, personalize campaigns, enhance revenue, and brand experience engagement is essential. Your complete online presence almost depends on the engagement that you create. For that purpose, we have social media and digital experts who work on various strategies to create the best engagement for your company.

Our Vision

At technokeens, our main vision is to make all digital solutions user friendly and easy. The services of technokeens differentiate you from competitors in the market and provide better engagement with customers, partners, and employees.

We clearly understand that all customer landscapes are not of the same kind. That's why technokeen's sourcing methodology encompasses a clear solution, specially crafted to address the client's issues. We offer a phased approach towards your business drivers and help IT organizations to align their goals towards the overall vision of the business.

Our main vision is to develop in a constant manner and become a leading performer in this competitive global marketplace. Fortunately, we have been able to gather a crew of professionals that can shape and mold their collective experiences; all of them possess an outstanding talent that can help to accelerate your organization.

Our Mission

We at technokeens began our journey in software development and online marketing with enthusiasm towards the digital age. Our core mission is to improve the digital society for everyone. Because it is the digital age, our mission is to help every industry to ease their work with the help of our software solutions. 

1. We are always willing to share our skills and capabilities with the next generation and supporting them to find roles in our industry.

2. We wish to mentor entrepreneurs and change-makers to build successful, diverse and inclusive businesses.

3. We want to transform the role of brands in the digital economy, creating richer human experiences that build awareness, trust and better outcomes for society.

Founder of Technokeens

Anant Jadhav

Anant Jadhav


Anant is the driving force behind the operations of Technokeens. His B.E. in Information Technology and experience in delivering high value on complex projects are what Technokeens focuses. He is a passionate developer that continually seeks to apply innovation in engineering wherever possible.

Vinit Kotawar


With an MBA in Marketing from Pune’s Symbiosis and a B.E. in Information Technology, Vinit is a co-founder of Technokeens. His drive and entrepreneurial approach make him the chief impetus behind business development and innovations at Technokeens. He also loves sports. He earned his Diploma in Sports Management in Barcelona.

Vinit Kotawar

Looking for technological excellence.