10 Best Practices for SEO in WordPress

Built your website in WordPress? Once you have set your foot in making a WordPress site, the next step is to make WordPress website SEO rank higher. Though WordPress Websites are optimized for search engines, there are few crucial measures for SEO optimization in a WordPress site. In this post, let us see 10 tips, you can start right away. But before that let’s explore how SEO works?

SEO of WordPress

How SEO works?

Considering a fully working WordPress site, it is important to improve your site result for search engine. It doesn’t make a difference how better your site is made or how you make a site, without SEO it isn’t getting down to business in full growth. An SEO focused site has higher odds of showing up on the first page of the indexed lists and drive traffic to your site.

SEO optimization is the necessity of the online world. Each business needs to have higher rankings and come up on the Google SERP’s. Be that as it may, now and again, a large group of people escapes with the need for website improvement.

Where WordPress provides valuable SEO modules are optimized with Search Engines. There are different tips, you can be reliant on for performing SEO for WordPress site.

10 Best Practices for SEO in WordPress

Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Website can be compiled with a list of strategies for SEO improvements, implying directly to increase the search engine visibility and rank higher in search engine results.

  • Use SEO optimized themes for Website:

WordPress delivers a variety of themes that can be used to give your site an advantage. At instance, rather than selecting a topic that looks good and engaging, Go with a theme that enhances for crawlers for visibility gain. Good WordPress website holds two main factors speed and code, majorly for SEO. An elegant theme designed with the most recent SEO best practices ensures that Google bots will crawl through the code.

  • Set Permalinks:

WordPress allows selecting permalinks. The Permalink structure helps in improving the usability of your readers.

Though it got default permalinks from but it is easy to change according to one’s convenience. From the Setting Module, you can easily change them. The best practice is to keep the specific page name as they are easy to remember and get indexed by bots.

Note: Google Considers URL firstly on your website. So the Permalinks you use are a sign of good SEO signal.

Set Permalink for WordPress WebSite
  • Set SEO plugins:

There are many plugins designed for SEO improvement for WordPress website. The finest is Yoast SEO and All in One SEO, which allows you to add Meta Title, Meta Description and more. Whereas, Yoast SEO gives you an overview of your readability score, say Yoast SEO has the best page analysis feature.

Also, they help you to create Sitemap for your website. These plugins are best for optimizing your site for better results.

You can easily install these plugins from side menu Plugins>> Installed Plugin for viewing the already installed plugins.
To add new plugins, Plugins>> Add new

Add Plugins for WordPress WebSite
  • Correct Heading Tags:

When sitemap gives an overview of how your website is organized to crawlers, but side by side it doesn’t differentiate for separate content. Henceforth, Heading tags are more useful, to apply on a particular section of pages, post or Blogs.

Advantage of heading tags:

  • Crawlers focus more on Heading tags, as it shows how content is organized particularly.
  • Easy to read, a user can easily find what they actually searching for.
Heading Tags for SEO
  • Responsive Design

One of the important ranking factors Google view is Responsiveness of a website for different devices. Even WordPress websites may have optimized themes, but it needs to support any devices. Responsive design website tends to rank higher in Search Engine. So before starting a website in WordPress, Do not forget to check the responsiveness of a selected theme.

  • Optimize Images Carefully

With SEO optimized websites, the images included in your website must be SEO friendly too. You can add ALT attribute to your images, which will help Search Engine to optimize your image more carefully, driving more traffic to your website.

  • Create Sitemaps

A Sitemap is important to let Google crawler crawl your website easily. A Sitemap includes a list of all pages that a website includes, for easy navigation of the website.

Sitemaps don’t affect directly to SEO, still, they are an important tool which enables crawlers to sell all the pages on your sites and how they are linked to each other.

When a user performs searches, crawler index your site and provides the relevant content to searchers. Add Sitemaps to WordPress is simple. Do it by-
Google XML Sitemaps,
Yoast SEO tool.

  • High-Quality content

A user engaging content is a top reason for leading traffic to your website. Let it be Blog or Website content your content must produce an engaging effect which in turn gives you the best possibility of ranking higher in search engine.

WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO provides you a review of your content how easy it is for users to read and tells about your content and SEO score.

High Quality Content
  • Internal Linking and SEO- how?

Where high-quality content is important as any other factor for SEO ranking, Internal linking plays an important role in performing SEO. Google uses links to find content from anywhere on the web. Though sitemaps give a structure same Internal links gives a structure of your website to the crawler. The bot starts its crawling by reaching the home page and as per the hierarchy set, bot travels the rest of the pages by following the First link. So using the right linking can even help you to boost your WordPress website SEO.

Internal linking and SEO for WordPress WebSite
  • Keyword and Content:

Including Keywords in your content for your WordPress website is essential for boosting Website SEO. Meta Description and Meta Keywords helps in improving website SEO, which tells Search Engine more about your content. Adding Keywords in your content and in Meta Keyword part, are more likely to get searched by users when publishing content.

Meta Keywords are set into the website header for each post and page. Yoast SEO includes the inbuilt Meta Keyword feature. Enable the feature if Disabled and don’t forget to add relatable Keywords.

Final Words:

These possible tips surely help to make your content visible on Search Engine. Follow these tips and let us know more strategies for improving WordPress SEO improvements.


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