Web design mistake to avoid

10 Signs You Work With Web Design Mistake

A well-structured site away from website design mistakes that are easy to use and plays a major job in many organizations’ activities. It can help produce traffic, make leads and conversions, and also increment in the brand’s position.

We desire to make a fabulous site and that isn’t just doing the correct things, yet additionally staying away from key missteps that can cause a site’s capacity to meet business objectives. This rundown of the Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019 affects both execution and the client experience which can prompt less traffic, leads, and sales.

web design mistakes

Avoid Web Design Mistake in just a few steps-

Responsive Design: It is so necessary to make website design responsive for proper accessibility at any device. Making web design in a suitable approach with respect to webpages gives a proper view of a variety of devices.
HTML uses CSS to automatically hide, shrink, or resize the website to look better on websites.

Slow Website Speed: slower the time loading speed, faster is the bounce rate for any user to exit. Many websites take a longer span of seconds for full loading, which leads to a greater disadvantage of keeping away visitor from on-site.

Tip: Website loading speed must be less than a couple of second or three, for higher ranking in search results.

Keep Text Scannable: Avoid the painful reading for users. Use well subheadings, Bulleted lists, highlighted keyword, avoid long paragraph and a simple font style and fixed font size.

Low search Page Title: Search is the most significant way clients find sites. Search is additionally a standout amongst the most significant ways clients discover their way around individual sites. The unassuming page title is your principle device to draw in new or assists your current clients with locating the particular pages that they need.

Use of White Space: Adding white or open space in between elements helps visitor to sort content easily. It increases the readability, attention and provides maximum clarity in elements. With the Proper space, the user can easily find Call to Action or Social sharing button.

Analytics: To understand how well your website work, what page user interact the most with? Google provides a free analytics tool for identifying brand reputation through various factors. Also, Google Analytics shows the effectiveness of the website.

Media Files: images and Videos cause a great engagement in between the content. But Images with higher resolution would lower the page speed of your website, which affects the overall SEO score. With Google Page Speed Insight tool checks how much time your website takes time to load.

Scrolling: Setting Pagination for the webpage is necessary to avoid the difficulty faced by the crawler/ search engine to crawl the website.

Avoid POP Ups: When clicking on a link and getting intruded with popup creates a disturbance while relating to what users have actually visited for. Intend to target user with your content first then apply the additional discount pop-ups.

Better Call To Action: Clients need to realize what you need them to do when they go to your site. Regardless of whether that is to buy an item, buy into a mailing rundown, or get in touch with you, you have to unmistakably impart what their following stage is. Your invitations to take action ought to be basic and clear without amazing your client.

Avoid these common mistakes and hire a pro to design your website. Contact Us!


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