8 content creation tools

8 Content Creation Tool That Will Pay Off

The content creation tool makes it possible for companies to develop content for their marketing campaigns. These pieces of content may include text content, illustrations, infographics, and videos. Upgrade your content marketing game with some of the best and most established content analysis, collaboration, SEO, and analytics tools.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content Marketing talks with them.”
Doug Kessler.

Check the list of the top 8 best content creation tools which will help you get there:

  • BuzzSumo: Run a test to discover ideas for content quickly, uncover perspectives for the website, find enthusiastic influencers, and more. It lets you find engaging content pieces and explore new potential opportunities for outreach. The website enables you to find content that has earned the most likes, links, and comments.
  • UbberSuggest: It lets you develop keyword ideas for your content marketing and production strategy to find marketing ideas that’ll get your audience’s attention. Using recommendations from Google Suggest and Google Advertising Keyword Planner, it works by extending the seed keyword. 
  • Quora: At times, the online community itself is the most vital source of attention-grabbing content ideas. For instance, Q&A websites such as Quora are a great place to get in touch with what your target audience asks for, which will help to attract the right people and turn them into forward-looking leads.
  • Reddit: Reddit is the world’s sixth most popular website with ideas on content generated by its massive user base. It is merely a discussion forum about anything with unique sub communities or “subreddits,” be it content marketing. Reddit homepage is like having a preview of the most popular content on the internet to dive straight through your marketing planning prospects.
  • Feedly: Feedly shows you all the related feeds in your niche in a fast search and regularly updates new content every day in your feed. Feedly is a platform for content and making recommendations. Only search for a subject and begin to find interesting, relevant articles on that subject.
  • AnswerThePublic: It gives you an idea of the information about how people are looking for relevant content and thus helps you produce better-targeted content that captures your audience’s attention. Researching your interest, as it allows you to build content that is likely to be read, shared, and referenced, both of which are incredibly positive for your Organic search say SEO.
Answer the Public
  • Google Trends: Trends is a tool for analyzing the trend search terms across regions, timelines, languages, and displays the popularity pattern for those terms graphically to generate more useful content ideas.
Google Trends
  • Google Alerts: You can always check Google Alerts to carry the information to you to take a more active part in your search for ideas. Choose subjects that are important to your content strategy and you’ll have updates, and content ideas delivered straight to your email address – enabling you to make the most of trends while they’re trending.
Google Alert

If you’re searching for insight for content, create awesome infographics, create unique social media content, improve your social media marketing components like engagement, clicks, and increase your ROI. Save this list and let us know your favorite tool.

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