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The Ultimate Google Free Tools to explore now

Google is way more than Search Engine! Being the Best Search Engine tool, Google provides appreciable tools contributing vastly to your outcome as a content Marketing Expert. Alas! When it comes to marketing tools, everyone will endorse the expensive one in all respects, and the normal advertiser/marketer can’t manage the cost of them. Though Google Free SEO tools are worth spending time, unlike the expensive one who can’t afford.

Here is a pack of free Tools out there that you can use to get results, and many of them are affirmed by Google! Yes, you heard it Correct.

5 Best Free Tools from Google-

Google Search Console: For the visibility of your website, Google provided a free Web Service tool to check the Indexing status of your website. With Google Search console you can learn much more about your website Performances, Impressions, Queries searched of URL.

Advantages of Google Search Console:

  • Add Sitemap for website
  • Acquire Keywords what audience search for you
  • See the most popular page of your website
  • Checks Mobile Usability

Rather than spending more money behind expensive tool for detailed analysis, Google Search console is entirely free with lots of useful information for your website.

Google Keyword Planner: There are plenty of tools giving you a list of keyword suggestions rising at an expensive cost. Google Keywords helps you to target your customer with the right keyword along with CPC, competition, and search volume. These are the three least parameters required to bid for any keyword

Advantages of Google Keyword:

  • View keyword volume over a geographical area
  • PPC Integrated tool
  • Cost Effective

Google Analytics: This is potentially the best of all the systematic analytics tools on the network. It’s a free analytics tool from Google that will effectively track and report all the important measures from your website. Google Analytics can give you smart knowledge into your site’s traffic and empower you to see how one is finding and exploring your site, so you’ll know which area to give a greater amount of consideration.

Advantage of Google Analytics:

  • Easily locate visitors of the website
  • Specify Page popularity
  • Traffic flow
  • Customized report generation

Google Trend: It’s difficult to create content ideas sometimes, how about a tool helping you out with the most trending topic all over. For Example Search “Google Tools”. You can find out the results in the form of Interest Over time, select the location, duration, categorized it according to your norms.

Find the most related topic and related queries with your search:

Google trends provide you a tremendous option of comparing keyword, resulting in their searches. Google Trend allows 5 words comparison.

Advantages of Google Trends:

  • Identify the latest trends
  • Results in Marketing Performance
  • Explore Daily Trend search and Relative Search Trend
  • Identify the best keywords from related queries and searches.

Google Alerts:: A notification service provided by Google which sends emails to the user when it finds new results for the particular searched query.

Advantages of Google Trend:

  • Awareness
  • To follow trend
  • Tracking competitor’s work done
  • Use Google Alert for Content creation.

Final Words!

Don’t miss out!

These are the best resources for working on any data available and preparing with great SEO strategies for moving forward. Haven’t tried yet? Build your website help with these amazing Google Tools and find a change by paying attention at the right time!

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