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Many businesses face the productivity challenges. That’s why we have customized process management solutions developed for a suite of industry-leading customizable business process management software (BPMS) tools, which allows you to eliminate all the problems in your company. These business process management software tools are customized to your specific requirements to make sure they deliver the best possible benefit. Your company needs the right process management, which is sorted in Technokeens. 

We at technokeens have process management solutions-oriented for your employee management, process efficiency, and cost reduction. All our customizable applications are hosted on our managed AWS infrastructure and supported by our in house support team under a comprehensive service level agreement. We have promising successful projects because process management is our key strength at technokeens.

Our strength lies in the following factors,

  •   We have a dedicated project manager with high organizational skills who coordinates and communicates with your in-house team and third parties. Overall he is always responsible for keeping you updated with everything happening with your project and also the market analysis.
  •   For the best process management solutions, we have effective collaboration with stakeholders.
  •   Technokeens consists of a whole different team for analysis of your complete project and work. This team works on every statistic that can affect your business with our process management solutions.
  •   Temporary solutions are not something that technokeens will ever prefer. We always have the process management solutions that are prone to the quality of the work.
  •   Instead of elaborate and confusing architecture for programming at technokeens, we always choose clean and stable code and future-proof architecture.
  •   Quick prototyping, speedy delivery of the first version, and iterative development further.
  •   The user interface is an essential part while designing the software at technokeens. We have UI and UX designers who will always keep your comfort and work on the front foot while developing the software.
  •   Our team is well trained with technicalities we need for process management so we can help you always to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We Provide:

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Rapid Deployment

The underlying architecture and core functionality of the system have already been developed, which means customization of our business process management tools can be rapidly added. This keeps development time to a minimum and ensures you are up and running as soon as possible.

Cost Effective


Each system is sold with an annual license, hosting, and maintenance package that you can factor into your annual cash flow. Your system is already well built, and inaction, so all you are paying us is for the modified function and the workflow on your company. Customized process management solutions are a huge necessity; hence technokeens will always assure with cost-effective but quality solutions, which will help you with your efficiency in the work.

Tailored Requirements

Tailored Requirements

For a smooth operation of your organization, it is very important to test the core system and improve it with time. At technokeens, we assure you the best of both the flexibility to customize the tool to match your specific business requirements and to analyze the system as well.

Proven solutions

Proven Solutions

Our solutions for the enhancement of your company is guaranteed, we definitely provide the best solutions, but we also come up with relevant advancement in these solutions from time to time because upgrading is our way of best deliveries for your increased efficiency.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

All our business process management solutions feature a customizable API layer allowing continuous integration with existing systems, now or in the future. Previous integrations include mobile applications, third-party software, back-office legacy systems, and customer websites. We have our hand on almost sectors, including healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing as well as small startups.

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