Why Technokeens

Technokeens has evolved within the last few years into one of the leading web and software development service providers in India. With our team of exceptionally talented developers, designers and marketers, we have engaged clients ranging from individuals and start-ups to large multinational corporations. Our clients come from all corners of the globe.


Our Infrastructure


Infrastructure is the backbone of our success. We’re able to achieve project milestones because of our skilled team and our professional working environment. We’ve invested in the state-of-the-art tools to ensure the highest level of productivity for great results. We strive to provide the best infrastructure and environment for our employees so that we can deliver innovative productions that surpass client expectations. It is no wonder we are one of the leading software and web development companies in India.

Client Engagement

Our customers keep coming back to us for web and software development services. With our proven design and development methodologies, you can be sure we have what it takes to bring your concept to life.

Our process involves the application of an innovative approach to problem solving and implementation. We include our clients in designing and creative development. You’ll be involved in every step of the development of the application from developing wireframes and designing mock apps to app testing and finalizing. Increased client engagement makes clients active participants in bringing their vision to life. It ensures we understand your concept clearly and provide you with precisely what you desire.

Our development projects get broken down into several phases for the convenience of our clients. It maximizes our team’s performance in project implementation while ensuring you remain in control over the projects. The risk of error gets minimized, and you get an effective solution within budget and in your timeline.


UI/UX Experience


User experience can mean the difference between delight and dismay. Good user experience can result in a technological solution getting applied for what it got designed for and improving efficiency. Bad user experience can result in a solution going unused, and it is potential untapped.

At Technokeens we do not just focus on solving problems for our clients but also discovering new opportunities. Our team of experienced developers and designers consider UI/UX design throughout the development of your solution. We apply state-of-the-art tools and thorough testing to deliver effective solutions aimed at driving your brand forward. Testing is carried out throughout the development lifecycle to decrease non-conformance in the solution continually. Your resolution will be monitored at management reviews by a reliable quality assurance team.

Project Communication

Successful projects depend a great deal on effective communication between the client and the service provider. We take it a step further and not only ensure that our clients can reach us whenever they need to but that we also implement the results of the discussions.

In the past we’ve successfully delivered countless projects, both locally and overseas. Our team grasps the importance of effective communication and accurate analysis of client requirements. We strive to ensure that we work in close collaboration with our clients for the best results.


Experience, Skill and Innovation


Our company has been serving clients from different industries and parts of the globe for more than five years. We have extensive experience developing high quality, intuitive and engaging solutions. Our team of developers, designers and marketers are committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions that will drive their brands to even greater heights.

Many software development companies talk about quality, exceptional engineering and stunning design. However, few can deliver on these promises. Technokeens is at the top of the shortlist of companies that can provide all three with every project.

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